Business Planning Activity Pack

This activity has been designed to develop the skills required for successful Business Planning.  There are 6 lessons which take the student through the key stages of planning their own business. 

Lesson 1: The Launch

Lesson 2: Enterprise

Lesson 3: Finance, Risk and Reward

Lesson 4: Market Research

Lesson 5: SWOT Analysis

Lesson 6: Developing a Business Plan

Final Activity:  The Pitch!

The Word document below is a student activity pack that contains all the instructions and worksheetsnecessary for each of the lessons.  Below it are a number of supporting PowerPoint presentations, one for each lesson.  Please allow time for this page to download fully.  The Word document and PowerPoint presentations may be expanded to full screen size or downloaded for offline use.

 The following PowerPoint presentations have been created to support the lessons.  One presentation for each of the lessons.