Denmark ~ Viborg Ungdomsskole ~ 10CV (Viborg)

 School Details

Viborg Ungdomsskole

10 CV

Reberbanen 13

8800 Viborg


+45 87 87 19 00

10 CV (a unit for 180 students in Viborg Ungdomsskole)

In our school, we are working with goals for every lesson. We teach our students to make realistic goals for their future and how to work to gain their goals. We work with individual learning and evolving through positive relations and shaping our teaching with modern methods.

Academic Skills

We base our teaching and pedagogy in Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development. We work in levels and we have individual academic goals. We use computers in every lesson. The students bring their own device.

Personal Skills

During the daily work in school the students develop competences for their future education. We are working with initiative, concentration and deepening independence and cooperation skills.

Future Education

In cooperation with students, parents and the school we work to clarify future education.