Germany ~ Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium (Cottbus)

School Details


D-03046 Cottbus  

Universitätsstraße 18

Tel: +49 355 714061

Fax: +49 355 726422


The "Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium, Cottbus“, was founded in 1989. It is a MINT (Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences, Technology and Engineering) school with approximately 50 teachers and over 470 students.  The school provides for students who have a special interest in mathematics and science.  They come from Cottbus and the surrounding areas. Since 2007 the school offers advanced courses for extremely gifted students. All candidates must pass an initial selection process. Additional study groups are available for all students to help prepare them for national and international competitions. Modern laboratories are used to enhance interactive learning in Chemistry. These laboratories are equipped with Internet work places, digital projectors and interactive smart-boards.

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