Latvia ~ Riga Secondary School 34 (Riga)

School Details

Riga Secondary School 34

Kandavas Str. 4

Riga LV-1083


Tel: +371 67459090

Fax: +371 67459090

Pursuing high standards in general secondary education, Riga Secondary School 34 has developed and implemented the curricula to enable our 1270 students, aged from 7 to 19, to learn modern languages.  115 teachers assist the young people with integrating into and adapting to the European environment, providing them with the knowledge and skills, developing tolerance and respect for different cultural attitudes and ways of life. A significant part of this work is our annual career education activities: classes, projects and field-trips. Our priority is participation in various projects, which allows our teachers and students to develop multilingualism using innovative, student-centred approaches and to create opportunities for participants to experience achievement and life fulfilment, to better direct their careers and aspirations.  The school seeks cooperation in innovative and alternative approaches to education and to exchange good practices.

Enterprises involved in the project:

Dzintars Perfume Factory

LNK Group

Seagulls Garret Hostel in Riga

The online magazine “Skolas vārds” issue Nr. 11 April 9, 2015

Click on the images below to enlarge them.  The first six images are from an article that appeared in Issue 11 of the online magazine “Skolas vārds”  (9 April 2015).