Spain ~ IES Ribera Del Arga (Peralta)

School Details

IES Ribera del Arga

C/RIO 53

Peralta (Navarra)


IES Ribera del Arga is a state school which includes secondary education from 12 to 18 and vocational training education in intermediate and upper vocational level. Our school is situated in a rural area. Most of our students come from Peralta and a nearby town, Funes. Currently our school caters for about 500 students and it has got about 80 teachers. Languages are a key element of our teaching practice. Students are given the opportunity to take official exams in English, French, German and Basque as well as to participate in different exchange programmes. IES Ribera del Arga offers bilingual education in English in two subjects: History and Technology. Moreover, our school is involved in several educational and European projects.

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Students meeting the Mayor